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General Audio/HiFi and Music

For audiophiles and music lover who are interested in record production and engineering.  This is the place.  It features hundreds of HD video interviews from well accomplished record producers and engineers including Trevor Horn and Mike Oldfield. (November 2012)


Sophia Electric

A small manufacture of excellent tube amplifiers. Owned and operated by husband and wife team, Richard and Sue Wugang with their showroom/office in Vienna Virginia USA. I have experience of owning their amplifier and it was excellent in terms of performance and value. Although both Richard and Sue are originally from China, they design, engineer and assemble all of their amplifiers in the USA. Richard once told me that this was the only way that he can ensure every details of the amplifier can be made to his specifications as he takes great care in tweaking the design to his full satisfaction including the placement of components and how wires are being routed. They are not only responsive but extremely nice people to deal with. I have met both of them personally. Sophia Electric also offers tubes and parts that are manufactured to their specifications in China, graded and selected by Sophia. BTW, my dream amplifier is Sophia’s 845 amp. It is expensive at $20,000 a pair but at least as good if not better than the 845 or 211 amps that are priced several times more. (November 2012)


Source for Parts/Tubes/Kits etc.


Audio Note Kits  : Website of the Audio Note Kits ran by Brian Smith of Canada in association with Audio Note UK. (October 2012)


Partsconnexion : The goto place for DIY Audiophiles for premium parts. (October 2012)


VH Audio:  DIY cables made with VH audio's recipe and materials will give any high-end cables run for its money.  The home of V-Caps. (October 2012) 

For reasonably priced and reliable cryogenically tubes, this is the place to go.  If you do not find what you want on their online catalogue, you should write to Ken. (October 2012)


TubeWorld. com

If you are looking for cryogenically treated premium vintage tubes, this is the place.  Though bit pricey, you will find tubes that you cannot find anywhere else.  (October 2012)


Pearl Cryo Valves

Website of the Pearl Cryo Valves.  Premium cryogenically treated tubes that are vigurously tested and graded.  Available from PartsConnexion (link above.) (October 2012)


Vintage Tube Services

Andy Bowman’s Vintage Tube Services website.  Andy is one of the most knowledgeable persons on vintage audio tubes and equipment. This is his one man operations so, if you are interested in purchasing tubes from him, you would need to call him in person on the phone, be nice to him :) and be prepared to wait a bit.  You will be rewarded with getting high quality rare vintage tubes, tested and selected by Andy at prices that are usually much lower than what may be available elsewhere.   Be prepared to tell him your specific needs and desires, he will recommended the right tubes for you. Used and tested tubes are also offered at much lower price if available, so be sure to ask. (October 2012)