VH Audio DIY Cables

With the advent of Internet, we (audiophiles) no longer need to rely on handful of publications, retailers or small number of personal acquaintance who share the hobby for information about various things. Through the internet, I found Chris VenHaus, his DIY recipes, and his products from his company, VH Audio. First, I made his “Flavor 1” and “Flavor 2” power cables. Then I made his CHeLA speaker cables. In Dec. 2008, I made his “DIY Fine Silver Interconnect” cables, and about a year later I made a digital cable using his Pulsar miniature coaxial cables and another pair of “DIY Fine Silver Interconnect.” Now my system is almost completely wired via DIY cables using Chris’ design and materials.


I am writing this review because I would like to share my experience and opinions with others who may be contemplating on purchasing his products. Please note that what I am sharing is my personal opinion as to how I perceive subjective performance of his products in the context of my audio system. Hopefully, you would be able to surmise my taste and preference based on the equipment I use but please read it as one of the inputs to help make your decision. Last but not least, I must stress that I am just a happy customer. I do not get any benefit from VH audio for writing this review on my site.


Link to VH Audio's DIY cable recipes:  http://www.vhaudio.com/diy.html


(November 2012)


VH Audio Flavor 1, 2 and 4 DIY / VH Audio の ワイヤーとレシピを使った電源ケーブ


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Speaker Cables using VH Audio CHeLA and UniCrystal OCC Hookup Wire with AirLoK /  VH Audio の ワイヤーとレシピを使ったスピーカーケーブル


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VH Audio DIY Fine Silver Interconnect/ VH Audioのワイヤーとレシピをつかったインターコネクトケーブル


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DIY Digital Cable using VH Audio's Pulsar Mini-Coax Copper Cable/ VH Audioのワイヤーとレシピを使ったデジタルケーブル (SPD/IF, RCA-to-RCA)



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