My System・僕のシステム


Overview of my stereo equipment as of May 2012  


  (Last update: 23 November 2012)




Audio Note Kits L3 Line Transformer coupled output・トランス出力

<Click here to read about my L3 experience>


Power Amplifier/パワーアンプ:

Audio Note Kits: Kit1  300B Single Ended Triode ・300Bシングル <Click here to read about my Kit1 experience>





SAP Quartette  95db/m, 4way, 32 Hz ~ 40KHz, Sealed Enclosure




VPI HW-17 Jr. with Mark IV upgrade, Goldring 1042 and Denon DL103R Cartridges, Audio Note Kits L1 Phono Amp.



Digital /デジタル:

Weiss DAC2, MacMini, Audiravana with Direct Mode



Cables/ケーブル: VH Audio DIY Cables ・VH Audio のワイヤーを使った自作  << click here for my review of VH Audio DIY Cables>>