Austria/Vienna Information Links

We are listing links about Vienna and Austria that are "off the beaten path."

 Vienna Würstelstand
A hipster's guide to Vienna in English!  Weekend events, restaurant/bar/café reviews, and art/music guides.  I found many excellent restaurants and fun weekend events through this page.
Austrian Breweries(and the Beers they brew)
Austria actually has many mirco-breweries beyond few that are nation-wide brand. This page gives a glipse into Austrian beer. The site also provide information on beers and breweries world-wide.
Vienna Unwrapped
Good mix of mainstream and not so mainstream information on touring Vienna. Written by a Viennese who is now living in UK from a perspective of a native who now become a frequent traveller to Vienna.
Unlike Cityguide -Vienna (
Unique shops, restaurants and attractions in Vienna.  Some information are outdates so be sure to check the "featured date" and if it is not recent, call before you go.


Horst Prillinger's Home Page (

Check out the pages on Indian Restrauants and Jazz Record Stores in Vienna